Guided Study

I create personalized learning programs for lifelong learners who are out to build bridges.

Course Creation

Does your organization want to develop a specialized course or program? I'll gladly help!

Workshops & More

I bring relationship-building workshops/retreats to advocacy groups and workplaces.

Community Research

Ready to explore deep questions? I'm trained in participatory research methods.

Offering Guidance & Support

It’s important to learn peace but even more important to live it. That’s why my mission is to empower and inspire others to realize their leadership potential.


We’re all leaders of our own lives. Spiritual groundedness creates a foundation of love.


Heart-minded folks with a thirst for learning get miles of encouragement from me.


I’m honored to be an ordained member of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Order of Interbeing.

Happy People

This is a lady with a real passion for peace. She educates, speaks, spreads, and writes peace. She taught me about a culture of peace, and I will not depart from this route. She motivated me to start a peace organization. Well done, my teacher. God bless you.

Andrew Odongo


Stephanie was an invaluable addition to Ashford University. She created and managed a project for the Instructional Services Department that emphasized Non-Violent Communication, and I was quickly inspired by her leadership. Her dedication to improving communication between administrators and faculty resulted in the revision of faculty requirement language. With such an extensive professional background and a personable, optimistic demeanor, I know Stephanie would be a great addition to any team.

Jessica Egan

Former Curriculum Coordinator, Ashford University

I first met Stephanie through a nonprofit we both worked for. It didn’t take long for us to click—she is someone who favors calling out injustices for what they are, and she skillfully maintains her hope along the way (friendly warning: her joyful demeanor is highly contagious!). I feel so lucky, not to mention grateful, that I get to collaborate with and learn from her on a regular basis.

Kimberlyn David

Co-Founder, Love-Based Leadership Collective


As a peace educator and mindfulness practitioner, I help individuals and organizations integrate peace education into their work. Innovating and facilitating learning experiences that motivate action for a loving and just world is my contribution towards a global culture of peace. Interested in working with me? Get in touch.