Showing up as leaders who can embody transformation at the local level brings greater interconnectedness in our communities and workplaces, challenging the exhausting, destructive lie that everyone must be in it for themselves.

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Resilience. Healing. Leadership.

As a highly experienced peace educator and mindfulness/yoga professional, I create workshops/retreats around peace, nonviolence, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, leadership, resilience or any combination thereof.

These are times of incredible turbulence and flux. Many of the systems we have designed over centuries are no longer working for most people, let alone all of life on our precious planet (most of them never did in the first place, but that’s another story). Since divisiveness and isolation cause so many of our problems, building healthy relationships stands at the heart of moving forward.

Looking to bring relationship-building workshops/retreats to your community organization or workplace? I’d love to serve you!

What is your dream workshop/retreat?